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In recent years, Florida has been hit with two major hurricanes. In 2017, Hurricane Irma caused significant property damage from the southwest portion of Florida all the way up to the northeast corner of the state. In 2018, Hurricane Michael devastated portions of the Florida panhandle resulting in catastrophic damage from Mexico Beach and Panama City up into Georgia.

Hurricanes are very real to us at Wilson Reeder & Zudar.
Each of the partners and staff have either been impacted or had family impacted by hurricanes.

Our attorneys have dealt with insurance companies for all types of insurance claims over the last decade and are extremely familiar with the process.

We have developed relationships with insurance adjusters over time. Those relationships have helped us understand what happens behind the scenes in times of catastrophe. We know when the insurance companies are being fair, when they are being deliberately unfair and when they are too understaffed to be fair. Unfortunately, when major events hit, the insurance companies cannot always process the claims quickly enough and end up undervaluing the damage or denying claims (improperly) in order to move on to the next file. This abhorrent practice essentially victimizes homeowners twice.

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There have been a record number of hurricanes hit the Gulf states in recent years. Please call us at (850) 851-0321.

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